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Monet the DJ aka Mix Master Neal C

Monet the DJ aka Mix Master Neal C was born and raised in Money Earnin’ Mt. Vernon, NY where everyone is either a DJ or a basketball player. For Monet the DJ music was a large part of his life. His older brother was a DJ and had a lot of vinyl records which [he] listened to all the time when his brother was practicing. Monet the DJ aka Mix Maser Neal C left Mt. Vernon, NY, after graduating from Mt. Vernon HS. He decided to go south for warm weather and a lower cost of living. He ended up in Houston, TX and never left. He attended two local universities, majoring in Radio/TV. He met some like minded friends and they started DJing and hosting parties to pay their way through college. Later he landed a job as the resident DJ at a local house music club and later completed an internship at KMJQ (Magic 102 FM). Some years later he became interested in law enforcement and started a career in that field and recently retired after 33 years. During that period, he remained a part-time mobile DJ while raising a family.

Over the years, he continued to make mix tapes for family & friends using music from his extensive vinyl record collection. He was often encouraged by those same friends to pursue his passion for DJing music, as they recognized his talent for DJing and his vast knowledge of music in many genres.

Monet the DJ aka Mix Master Neal C believes real DJing and music programming is a lost art. Commercial radio plays the same old, tight rotation of music and with very limited regard to introducing new or innovative artists and their music. He believes in entertaining and educating his listening audience. Monet the DJ aka Mix Master Neal C has a great talent for finding new music & musical artists. With the invention of the internet and audio technology there is a whole new world for people to create music and get it to the public. With the introduction of internet radio music programmers are free to create and showcase new talent and music while still respecting and showcasing popular and classic music. Thus Monet the DJ was born.

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