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Black Politics Today (BPT) is hosted by Kelly Mikel Williams. BPT is the only online magazine and talk show focused on the specific needs and welfare of African-Americans; highlighting ‘What’s at Stake,’ socially, economic, and politically for the black community. We present our audience with a clear perspective of the effects that public policies may have on them and their families. We believe that knowledge is indeed power – the better informed you are, the stronger you will be to actively participate in your future.

Season 1

Episode 1 - Audio Replay: Black Wall Street
BPT - Episode 1 - Black Wall Street I
Episode 2 - Audio Replay: Reconstruction
BPT - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Reconstruction - Replay
Episode 3 - Audio Replay: Racial Armageddon - Replay

Episode 4 - Audio Replay: Black Valedictorians Face White Fragility (REPLAY)

Episode 5 - Audio Replay: Destiny In Truth (REPLAY)

Episode 6 - The Social Contract (Replay)

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